First conclusive tests using the probe

During our last session of work, some unfortunate events worked against us: our 0-500V power supply burned (it was a terrible thing to see…) and we were not able to find the right pins controlling the motor of the probe.

But, we still made great advances. We started the tests using the probe, here are the conditions of the experiment:

  • we bought a plastic tray to put some water in it;
  • we also put a piece of metal to try to detect it with the probe (at max 5 cm from it);
  • someone is keeping the probe in hand in the water;
  • we didn’t connect the oscilloscope at the OUT1, to avoid any influence of it;
  • we connected the oscilloscope at the LVOUT1 output to see the echo;
  • using the “+12V/-12V” power supply of the breadboard, we can get a pulse of 24V.

We can see, in the pictures below, that we finally get an echo.

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